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Flat Iron – Tips and Tricks

Wet 2 Straight Remington

Flat iron is one of the indispensable tools for many women because it can be used either to either straighten hair or to curl them. Previously, materials and operation could jeopardize the health of the hair, but now its design has improved to make them safe instruments. We’ll tell you all about the flat irons.

Which one to choose?

The first thing to ask yourself is the type of model to go for. Apparently, not all are for everyone and not all cover the same needs. Depending on your hair type, you must choose a flat iron that reaches a certain temperature, or you can choose a model to regulate the heat. The maximum allowable temperature is about 180 °, but it should drop to 150 ° in case the hair is thin. Some types of iron, as Braun Sensocare, you can automatically set the right temperature for your hair by hair fibre analysis performed by the apparatus.

Also keep in mind the existence of flat iron with plates having infrared emission. These are specially designed to repair the hair fibre and smooth them through the issuance of these special waves. GCK V-Infrared device is an example of this technology, especially designed for manes that tend to break down.

Note that the size and shape of the ceramic plates varies from one model to another: if the main function will be to smooth a long hair, it is advisable to go for a flat iron with wide plates. If, on the contrary, the intention is to get an iron versatile with which to make various hairstyles, then a model with more narrow plates is preferable. It will serve both smooth as for waving or curling. Gold Classic Styler, GHD, has the optimal size for use both smoothed to create looks with waves.

There are also ‘stylers’ with the curved plates as Care Straight & Curl, Phillips, specially designed to give the wavy shape effortlessly smooth manes.

 flat iron

Tips on using flat iron

Wet 2 Straight RemingtonOnce you’ve found the perfect flat iron, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. First, do not make the mistake of using the flat iron with wet hair. Many women do, but this does not get more than ‘fried’ hair: water containing the hair fibre reaches a very high temperature and damage from the inside. If you want to use the flat iron with wet hair, then you will have to go for a special model such as Wet2Straight Remington. Thanks to the ventilation holes that let water vapor, allows use in wet.

Remember it is essential to work in sections either to straighten or curl your hair. You should do fine strands apart for best results: if not, the lower layers of the hair will not be well combed. Do not skimp on product and get yourself a good heat shield: Your hair will thank you.

How to do it

To straighten hair with a flat iron, you should begin by dividing the hair. Separate the front from the back and bottom of the top for comfort. You can hold with tweezers on sections which are not smoothing to not bother you. Grab a small strand at a time and move the iron in a smooth motion to try the heat so that it is not concentrated at any point. If you require a second pass, allow the hair to cool before sliding the plate back.

To give hair movement on the tips, make a gentle turn of the wrist to the side you want when you get to the end. If, however, you want to create waves, an effective way is to do curls in fine hair strands. Once you have curly hair all applied lacquer and gently undo the curls with a brush. To get a surfer waves in minutes, you can twist strands of hair and move the iron. When released, the hair retains the undulating shape.

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