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Hair Washing Tips

Knowing good hair washing tips is vital in having healthy hair; something vital for all us women, right? Washing your hair is usually part of our daily shower routine. However, not all types of hair should be washed every day. For example, if you have short hair or thin, it is recommended to use a mild shampoo. However, if you have long or thick hair you should wash it 3 or 4 times a week. Why? Because the natural scalp oil takes longer to get to the tips, causing the hair to become dry and lose luster.

Here is a list of some the hair washing tips:

  1. First you apply shampoo to the scalp. Once you have been thoroughly washed, it should lead to tip. Thus it is recommended to use shampoo 2 times.
  2. We must change the shampoo every two months. This is because the product worked at first, but then there is a buildup of some of the components inside the shampoo on your hair. Switching shampoos is the easy way help overcome this problem. The long way is to use other methods in removing the buildup.
  3. The shampoo opens the hair cuticle balm and closes them, so it’s best to use it (or use treatment creams, even a hair with negative ions), but must be only superficial, trying not to get the leather scalp because it produces a greater oiliness.
  4. Using a treatment cream helps the hair. You must apply strand by strand (means to ends, never on the scalp), with rapid movements up and down and then rinse well. This is because if there is dirt in your hair probably it will look opaque.
  5. If you have oily hair, do not massage your scalp excessively since you might stimulate the sebaceous glands, which produce fatty gets faster.
  6. It is important to choose hair treatment that suits you. Can be one for oily hair, dry, straight, wavy, damaged, etc. The best practice is to use the deep cleansing to give more shine to your hair. Remember to always experiment with products that will offers you better results.
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