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How to Dye your Hair With Kool Aid

Recently, Kool Aid has proved to be a great deal more than just a delicious drink; it doubles as a vibrant short-term hair dye. The intensity of the dye will depend on your original hair color, the number of packs you use and the flavor you select. Whether you opt for strawberry locks or an understated tint of grape purple, you will realize that Kool Aid hair dye costs a lot less and is a lot healthier for your hair than chemical dyes. In the majority of cases, the color will wash out after shampooing the hair a few times.

Take a close look at the color and the condition that your hair is in. If it is healthy, the Kool Aid dye will only tint the external part of the hair shaft. However, if your hair is damaged, then it will absorb more color. You will also receive brighter results if you have light-colored hair and you might discover that the dye job will last longer than you might want it to. If you have very dark hair, the Kool Aid dye may not work for you at all.  Be ready to accept the results of the dye job as there will be no turning back after the job is done.

Empty three sachets of Kool Aid in a bowl, make sure the Kool Aid is unsweetened; modify the number of packets based on the lehow to dye your hair with Kool Aidngth of your hair and the color depth that you want.  Put enough water on the dry Kool Aid in order to create a paste.

Put in some drops of conditioner in the Kool Aid hair paste.  Blend well until the paste is smooth and all the lumps are gone.  The hair conditioner assists the Kool Aid dye in spreading through your hair and penetrating better.

Put petroleum along your entire hairline and put some directly on your ears. The petroleum jelly prevents the Kool Aid from discoloring your skin.

If you are concerned about how the color will turn out, then do a strand test. Apply the Kool Aid to a strand of your hair.  Let it sit on your hair for about 10 or 15 minutes, then clean away the paste.  Use a towel to dry the strand and see if the color suits you. The color is more vibrant on wet hair and it darkens the longer you allow the paste to sit on your hair.

Apply the Kool Aid hair dye to your dry hair. Use your gloved fingers to work the paste onto your hair but not your scalp.

Use lengths of plastic wrap to completely wrap your hair with the Kool Aid dye in it; use tape to secure the plastic wrap. Keep the plastic turban on your head overnight in order for the dye to work while you sleep.

Take off the plastic wrap when you wake up and thoroughly wash your hair, apply hair conditioner and then shampoo your hair again; dry your hair with a towel and style as you usually do.

See? It’s easy to do it. Now you should have no excuse in not such creativity in dying your hair.

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