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Kool Aid Hair Dye – Chemical-Free and Temporary Dye Alternative

In case you intend to dye your hair but ending up being skeptical about using the chemical-based commercial hair dyes, then you should definitely consider using Kool aid as hair dye.

The Kool aid mix powder is manufactured in many flavors thus one can easily opt for a color of their liking easily. This type of hair dye lasts for approximately two months and better yet, your hair will smell with the flavor used!

This hair dye offers best result for coloring light hair. However, one can still apply it on dark hair and achieve the color desired but only with less success.

Kool Aid dye is very easy as its just a matter of following the simple steps and that’s all. One vital suggestion when using it is to go for the unsweetened packets. The sweetened ones tend to make hair gluey. One can also mix and match various Kool aid dye flavors to create novel colors. For example; a sachet of lemon lime and berry blue each will result in an attention-grabbing turquoise shade. Equally you can obtain an exhilarating blue shade through a mixture of a small amount of grape flavor with blue raspberry. The quantity of packets to be used will mainly rely on your hair’s length and thickness hence one ought to use them accordingly.

So, let’s take a look at the steps on how to dye your hair with Kool Aid

Step 1

Apply some petroleum jelly onto the skin; particularly ears in order for the color to come off effortlessly in the event it comes to contact with the skin.

Step 2

Get the flavors of your liking and then blend all of them collectively. You are not restricted to mixing flavors only, once can use one flavor.

Step 3

Include a small amount of water into the powdered ingredients. Create a paste, tend not to allow it to be fluid otherwise it will not adhere to your hair. It’s also possible to put in a small amount of conditioner into the blend in order that the coloring applies uniformly onto your hair plus it works well for creating a smooth paste. Finally blend these ingredients nicely right up until you obtain a smooth paste which has no protuberances.

Step 4

Apply the blend you created on your hair. One is usually advised to seek assistance simply because this could get sloppy in case you attempt getting this done on your own. Work with hand protection to avoid coloring the hands. Knead your hair but not the scalp. It’s also possible to implement highlights or tips using Kool aid dye however you will need to utilize highlighting wand and encapsulate the highlighted part using aluminum foil.

Step 5

As soon as you have finished coloring the hair using Kool aid dye, cover it with the help of either sandwich wraps or aluminum foil. Safeguard it by using tapes in order that it continues to be restricted and so the moisture content does not escape through evaporation. This can likewise prevent you from having color on your home furnishings as well as flooring.

Finally ensure that it stays throughout the night. The following morning, get rid of the wrap and rinse the hair using hair shampoo along with conditioner. Any color smeared on your skin is going to come out effortlessly therefore never be concerned about it. Comb the hair and then simply wait for it to dry out. You will end up getting an incredible color together with the odor of the Kool aid flavor applied.

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