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My Experience with Suave Dry Shampoo

Suave Dry Shampoo

Suave dry shampoo is sold as can of aerosol spray which is marketed to “wash” your hair via oil absorbance as well as offering your hair with nice aroma. The key feature of the shampoo is to aid you dry your hair in a fast and easy way without the need of re-styling the hairdo. I know it sounds unreal!

The notion that this dry shampoo would reduce the time we women invest in preparing for either work or last minute events really intrigued my interest on it. One can refer to my hair as unmanageable. It’s so snarly that it typically takes me about a third to half an hour to wash and condition. After that, I’ll need to tame my wild frizzy hair as a result I’ll require a quarter to two-thirds of an hour to dry and flat iron it! Therefore for any given typical morning I have to dedicate at least three quarters of an hour in just fixing my hair! It’s not because am useless! It’s just that I’m unfortunate to have such unmanageable hair 🙁

After going through the whole ordeal in making my hair look good, I always wish my hair would remain that way for at least a couple of days. However, overnight my scalp gets greasy and even if it looks fine the following morning I still need to wash off the oil from the scalp. Thus I have to go through the whole almost an hour ordeal once more again. Honestly, it’s getting tiresome and depressing with time.

It’s when I came across the Suave dry shampoo ad did I make visit Walgreen to purchase it. I bought a can for three dollars; I’m pretty you can find cheaper deals in other stores or even online. So, the following morning I “washed” my hair with this shampoo as a substitute for customary shampoo and conditioner habitual in bathroom. Wow, the results flabbergasted me.

Believe you me, this dry shampoo absorbed all the oils on my scalp. Most importantly, my hair still appeared great. It felt so nice to spend significantly less time in my hair care routine. All I did was spray my hair with the shampoo, brush it followed by a couple of minutes doing little touch ups using flat-iron. I know I’m making it sound like a miracle but that’s how it felt to me.

The shampoo I bought had a fragrance smelling like grapefruit. Though not my personal favourite scent, I still love it as it worked wonders with my hair. The only unfortunate thing about it with my hair is that it didn’t work well when I tried using it the following morning i.e. using it two days in a row. Still, it worked wonders with my hair and definitely cut my hair care routine short; cut in half in each week! I’ll give other brands a try too but Suave dry shampoo is in my good book for now. I highly recommend it for those with similar hair type to mine.

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