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Pink Hair Dye for Dark Hair – Does it Exist?

pink hair dye for dark hair

Pink hair dye for dark hair does exist at the same time it doesn’t. It all depends on individual’s hair; those which can soak the color pigment well and vice versa. One common product for that can be used as pink hair dye for dark hair is L’oreal Colour Rays of color shade Fuchsia Flash. However, as previously mentioned, it doesn’t work for those whose hair is weak in soaking up the color pigment.

pink hair dye for dark hairFor the unfortunate ones, it won’t work since any kind of bright color such as pink, green, orange, yellow, purple, etc. will not be vivid and apparent on dark hair. Instead, it will just make your hair tinted. Nevertheless, there is a way around it i.e. one will have to bleach the hair first! I know not everyone is comfortable with the bleaching approach but unfortunately it’s the only solution for having a pink hair dye for dark hair.

Bleaching of the hair helps the rosy pigments of the hair dye afford to hold onto hair strands.  Lightening (bleaching) of the hair opens up the hair shaft. In so doing that hair’s ability to soak up and preserve the color pigment is increased. This step is highly advised even for those who already have blondes; be it natural or artificial. Failure to do so, the outcome of your hair coloring is more or less certain to be that lacks any right brightness or precision let alone the failure of the dye ending up being unnoticeable.

With all that being said, one has to exercise a proper amount of carefulness and thoughtfulness while bleaching the hair. Even if you’ve done it before, one has to be cautious each and every time. This is because the procedure is extremely detrimental; never ever take it unconscientiously or even bleach your hair frequently.

Luck is with those who can use Loreal Colour Ray Fuchsia Flash as pink hair dye for dark hair since they will save cost and the whole ordeal of bleaching!

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