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Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Alright so you’re probably reading this article because you are either contemplating cutting your long tresses or you have already joined the short hair club and you’re looking for some creative new hairdo’s. Either way finding short hairstyles for black women can be extremely daunting as the options can prove to be endless.  Allow me to give you a creative boost as we discuss the latest and hottest short hairstyles and how to maintain your new look!

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

A cute, refreshing hairstyle to begin with is called the pixie.  Several celebs have been rocking this easy to manage ‘do because it’s classic and never goes out of style.  The first person that comes to mind with the pixie hairstyle is Halle Berry.  This style can be worn in a spiky, disheveled look or you can wear it with a sea of little curls.  To achieve the spiky look you can use a small flat iron accompanied with holding spray and for the curls a small wand curling iron will do just the trick.  This is a quick and easy short hairstyle for black women on the go!  Just a few extra steps in you morning routine and you’ll be ready to roll out the door and get your day started.

The pixie is a rather bold haircut if you’re making the transition from long to short hair and I know some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, that’s too much, way too soon!”  Well no worries, if you’re not ready to fly out of the gate with the pixie than I understand.  As I said there are plenty of options when it comes to short hairstyles for black women, so let’s take a look at the classic bob.  Once again many celebs have sported this versatile hairdo from Keri Hilson to Rihanna.  What makes this style so versatile is the fact that the traditional bob length hits right around your jaw line which gives you more styling options.  You can go for a simple flat-wrap look using a flat iron and maintain the style by wrapping your hair at night, beehive-style.  Or you can glam it up by curling your hair with a wide barrel curling iron.  This option gives a fun, flirty edge to the bob.  Ladies believe me when I say; you can never go wrong with a bob, especially when you want to take baby steps in shortening your hair.  The shock factor is a lot less frightening when you opt for cutting your hair a little at a time!

Now I’m sure you’re aware of the back-and-forth that comes with short hairstyles for black women.  Some say shorter hair styles are easy to maintain, others may beg to differ.  In all actuality whether you have short or long hair there is always going to be some type of maintenance involved if you want your hair to be healthy.  And honestly who doesn’t want healthy, moisturized hair?  A few tips are to always keep your hair moisturized and to trim your hair regularly to eliminate split ends and promote healthy hair growth.  You should also sleep with your hair tied in a silk or satin scarf/bonnet as well as sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.  Cotton pillowcases tend to snag the hair and absorb moisture which are two no-no’s for black hair.

Alright, so now you are armed with a new knowledge of cute, manageable short hairstyles for black women. You have a few ideas and you know how to maintain your new look so the question is no longer should I cut my hair, but HOW should I cut my hair?  Whatever style you choose rock it with confidence and you’ll be sure to turn heads! Go girl!

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