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Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Just the other day a friend asked me if there were any side effects of laser hair removal that I knew of. I wasn’t really surprised with her question since laser is of lately a common method being employed as a “perfect” hair removal solution. However, as technologically advanced about the process, there are side effects that you should know of. The most common side effects of laser hair removal include mild redness and swelling in the affected area, which should diminish and disappear after the first few hours.

Serious side effects of laser hair removal are very rare, and are usually caused by a number of factors well known, and can usually be prevented. People with lighter hair or darker skin are more prone to these side effects, such as skin discoloration (striping), blistering and / or burning. However, those with dark hair and fair skin need not worry because the contrast of dark hair on light skin makes it easy to identify the treatment of these areas with the laser. For those who have recently tanned artificially or naturally it is generally recommended that you wait to get the procedure done, as the chances of unwanted side effects diminish considerably once the tone of the skin has cleared.

Another important factor that can reduce the chances of side effects of laser hair removal is to do your “due diligence” in the clinic or person performing the procedure itself. Ask the clinic on how long the technicians have been doing this particular procedure i.e. how well experienced are they in conducting the procedure. Also, ask to see the results or photographs of their work. It is also important to find out the type of laser used. In the world of epilation or depilation, lasers are not all equal. Sometimes the clinics try to skimp on costs and purchase substandard equipment. Different types of lasers involved are beyond the scope of this article, however, consulting with a few clinics in general, will give a clear idea of ​​what is best for you.

The truth is, if done correctly, laser hair removal is usually quick, easy and painless. Normal side effects of laser hair removal are very minor. And serious side effects can be prevented if you do your homework properly. So if you are still asking the question like – “Is laser hair removal safe for me?” The answer is a resounding YES!

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  • Susan

    I am thinking to do a laser treatment to get rig of all my hair. How does laser hair removal work? After I will finish the laser hair removal treatment it will be permanent? How long does it last for whole body? Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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