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TopStyler Reviews – Read This Before Purchasing It

I bet you are here looking for TopStyler reviews after hearing positive things about this amazing product. First let me tell you how I came to know about it. My hairstylist friend gave me ring and told me to pay her a visit last weekend so that she can show me a new curler she had bought called TopStyler and try it on my hair.

First personal experience

My, oh my, did I love it when she did curls on my hair. First of all, there is a new and easy method to curl your hair using the new TopStyler. The whole ordeal of hair curling was a breeze. My hair did not burn at all. Most importantly, it lasted for days without falling out along having a healthy and shiny look! I know you might seem am over hyping it but trust me; you will feel the same once you try it. Obviously I asked my friend more about this product – before going to search more info on TopStyler reviews – and you will be surprised with one of things I found out i.e. TopStyler is an invention Linda Flowers!

Yeah, you heard that right…the same Linda Flowers… the celebrity hairstylist. Some of her clientele include Christina Applegate, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, and many others. She also used her invention to hairstyle Jennifer Lawrence (lead heroin) of the controversial Hollywood film Hunger Games.

How does TopStyler work?

Whilst curling irons or hot rollers pass through extreme heating for hairstyling, this revolutionary hairstyling product seems to instil the optimal level of heating to get the similar results. Conventional heated hair devices release the hair while still hot, however TopStyler’s ceramic C-shells put the hair pieces in place producing even reduced heat up to the point it’s totally cool. The approach apparently permits the hydrogen bond within the hair follicle to completely fix as a result creating the curls which last long. Based on the company’s website, the 100% solid ceramic tourmaline shells secure the curl intact without burning the hair. As opposed to other traditional hair devices which leave detrimental results; shiny, sparkling, as well as voluminous hair is made attainable without problems when you use TopStyler.

Instructions on using TopStyler

topstylerTopStyler features two-heated rows called the thermal base. This is where the ceramic shells sit upon. For preventative measure, being heated appliance and all, it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. After use, the lid must be kept open while it’s cooling after usage. Use on clean, dry, and detangled hair for best results. Since the curls are long lasting, there is no need to use styling spray. However, if need be, one can use such products even conditioning ones. There is no restriction on when to put it on your hair. You can either do it prior to applying the ceramic shells and/or after they are taken off. You can also either leave the C-shells for 5-20 minutes or until they are totally cool. For those who have fine hair you’ll notice the time it takes is way shorter. As it is common with curlers, elongated time duration of using the C-shells offers more durable curls.

My personal experience  – two month later

Thanks to my friend for introducing this amazing product, my hair curling experience not mind-numbing anymore. Before, I would have to apply mousse while my hair was damp, then curl followed by spraying a ton of hair spray. Still my curls would not last an entire day with all that tedious work! Now when I use TopStyler curlers I don’t have to add any more products to my hair (save more money on hair expenses!). Moreover, I came to realize the C-shells covered in ceramic helps control and retain heat as opposed to the conventional curlers.

Talk of conventional curlers; I don’t need to have 4 different curling irons any longer! I used to own 3 different sized barrels and curling rod to obtain different looking curls. Storing all of those curling irons was irritating since they took up fairly a bit of space. Bye-bye to that niggling storage dilemma. Who doesn’t want that?

In order to get the best possible looking curls all I have to do is take my fingers and curl my hair neatly to the roots. You can vary size of curls by simply using more or less hair. For instance, the more hair I use in a curler the larger the curls or waves and the opposite give me tighter curls. Finally, I take the TopStyler curling shells and fasten them onto the curls.

Let’s take a look at other TopStyler reviews from other users

Review 1

Works GREAT On My Fine, Hard-to-Curl Hair!,

I have a LOT of long, fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl for more than five minutes…especially if it’s humid outside. (And it’s ALWAYS humid outside.) After reading the reviews I crossed my fingers and took a chance on this product. I’M SO GLAD I DID!!!

I watched the DVD – TWICE – to make sure I understood the process, then dove right in. The Topstyler took about 5 minutes to heat up, then it took me about 6-7 minutes to create the finger curls and secure them in the C-shells. (Since I have fine hair, I had more than enough C-shells.)

After about 30 minutes I removed the C-shells, shook the curls loose and was amazed at my full, bouncy curls. I played with them. I used my fingers to brush through them…several times. I slept. The next morning I STILL had curls! It’s now 24 HOURS LATER and the curls have “relaxed” into a natural wave gradually throughout the day, yet still full of body — and I did not use any styling/finishing spray before creating the finger curls.

For someone like me that likes the look of curled hair, but has hair that doesn’t want to cooperate…the Topstyler is a dream come true. For the first time in my life I feel like I have gorgeous, “model-like” hair.

Was my first experience perfect? NO. Did I look like the model on the DVD or infomercial? NO. I had one curl that the ends got twisted funny, and another that wasn’t as tight as most…but this was my FIRST experience with a new product and process. And this process IS different! Think back to the first time you used a curling iron or hot rollers…did you look like the model on the box? Or did you have crimps from clamps and clips and perhaps even a “rogue” curl? (I’ve been using curling irons and hot rollers for about 3 decades and I still get lines, crimps, and rogue curls.) I consider my first experience with the Topstyler a success, and am looking forward to perfecting my technique.


~ Watch the DVD!!!

~ If your hair tends to frizz, be careful about playing with the curls too much (or have your favorite frizz control product on hand)

~ Practice!!!

~ Google “Topstyler Look Book” for additional finger wrap techniques and styles in a downloadable PDF format

By S. A. Ryan “Stacy Queen Of Cards” (Houston, TX, USA)  – Amazon.com

Review 2

Easy style

The product was super easy to use and it did curl hard to curl hair. The only problem i had was that it didnt last as long as i had hoped, also i had to re-apply the “shells” a few times after i took them out. But all around i would still recommend the product because it is still so much easier and more convenient than a curling iron.

By Lisa (Redford, MI, USA)  – Target.com

 Review 3

Finally! Fantastic! Easy!

 “I have finally found something that I can use and makes my somewhat long, fine, layered, hair look full of body, with some waves. I just roll my hair into the clips, willy-nilly,(!) and it always come out great! No learning curve here! I lightly spray with a drug-store hair spray! Nothing works likes this! Heats up fast! This 57 year old glam-hippie-chick says THANK YOU, Q!!!”

By Heidi on the Cape – Qvc.com

Review 4

Perfect for those ‘I have to go in 20

This is PERFECT! I have naturally curly hair but I use this occasionally probably a few times a month when I want to curl my hair. I got this for $96.00 at the store with my birthday money. It takes time to master. I was frustrated at first, but it gets some taking used to. The topstyler heats up in minutes, so when I need to go somewhere and my hair doesn’t cooperate, I just curl my hair and I’m good to go. I am actually getting this for someone who loves to curl their hair and just recently lost her curling iron. Especially with this price! Again, I would recommend this to EVERYONE!

By Snshinestar123 (Pembroke Pines, FL, USA)   – Walmart.com

There are more of TopStyler reviews that are favorable, but I’ll leave you with the few above for now.

Where to buy TopStyler?

If you are convinced you want to give this product a go after reading the ToStyler reviews above, then remember each Topstyler order comes with a Topstyler rapid heat thermal base, five large C-shells, and five regular C-shells. In addition, the package includes a FREE instructional DVD, FREE Topstyler look book, and a couple of FREE 4-1 EZ wrap styling wands. You can only these freebies if you purchase directly from TopStyler official website. Goodluck with the product and hopefully you’ll have positive experience as I had.

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