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Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Wedding Hairstyle for Black Women

Wedding hairstyles for black women is arguably one of the most intense topics in an African American woman’s life. If you know one thing about African American women  then you know that they do not play around when it comes to our hair! So with that being said you can understand why wedding hairstyles for black women wouldn’t be anything less than important. Being that black women can wear hair in so many ways, have so many different textures, some hair processed and some natural, braided or even dread locks, leaves different options for different women. Many women dream of their wedding day and having the right hairstyle to remember your special day is something that should not be taken lightly.

Wedding Hairstyle for Black Women

Now one thing you need to do when looking for the right wedding hairstyles for black women is to narrow your choices down by knowing if you want to wear your hair up or down. Sometimes it’s easier to make the decision based on if you are wearing a head piece or not. A veil, tiara or even flowers that you may use can help you decide if your hair would be better up or down. Also the way you wear your hair, (for example if you wear your hair naturally and not straightened out) you can slick your hair back in a nice sleek elegant bun with a flower or accessory of your choice. Or you can let your natural hair flow freely and put a tiara or veil over it for a simple sparkle and tradition.

Okay now let’s stop and take a moment to talk about wedding hairstyles for black women who have hair extensions or straight hair. A lot of brides choose to wear extensions on their wedding day because it helps as far as having more styling options. For instance for a woman who has straight hair that doesn’t have a lot of umph, she can add just a few tracks in her hair to add more bounce and help with adding more volume if that is the look she is trying to achieve. She can also have more versatility as the possibilities are endless with hair extensions. You can achieve any look you have seen either in a hair a magazine or on your favorite celebrity on the red carpet. Whether you want to have strong curls like Beyonce, tight curls like Alicia Keys or loose curls like Jennifer Lopez you can literally wear your hair up down and all around if you want to! The hairstyles for your big day are more likely to be achieved if you have a blank canvas to work with and that is why extensions can help you have any look your heart desires.

No matter the look wedding hairstyles for black women have been done before but there are always new and exciting ways to make your hairstyle your own. Imagine it and I bet there is a stylist that can help you achieve it! This day only happens once in a woman’s life and everything about her beauty needs to be perfect on that day. Knowing that there are so many wedding hairstyles for black women should be enough to know that there is a style for any bride to not have to worry about her hair on her big day and instead focus on the love that is happening all around her.  It’s your day, be beautiful!

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