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Eylure Heated Lash Curler – An Eyelash Curler Review

Eylure heated lash curler - eyelash curler review

One day, researching the web on eyelash curler, I came across thermal curling. At first I was a little afraid on the idea of using a device that generates heat in the area close to my eyes. However, the idea of using thermal eye curler still got me curious.

Although there are several thermal eye curlers on the market, Eylure Heated Lash Curler caught my attention. Why? Because Eylure have some of the famous eyelashes well known around the globe.  Thus, I went ahead and bought it.

Eylure heated lash curler - eyelash curler reviewPresentation:

It’s pretty basic. It comes in a sealable hard plastic bag with a cardboard containing the information about the heat eyelash curler. The product is disassembled; the curler itself separated from the lid, battery included and a small brush that I have used before and I do not find much use for it.


The curler has a pen-like shape. Halfway through the body has some arrows, where it opens the bottom space to insert the battery. When you uncover the lid, you will find the curler itself.

The power tab has several levels. When you turn it on, the red light appears indicating the eyelash curler is warming up. I wish that the light changed to green or any other color to indicate the targeted temperature has been attained. Unless my eyelash curler has a default which I’m not aware of!

How is it used?

Once you turn it on and see the red light, wait about 15 seconds for it to warm prior to using the eyelash curler. The heat given off is not that strong which at least gives me enough confidence to use it in an area as sensitive as the eye. At no time have I noticed it to be too strong or causing any kind of burns.  However, I use it moderately; weekends to look good for my hubby or when going out for special occasions.

I use this curler on my eyelashes before applying mascara, in between coats and at the end. At first I was a bit reluctant to apply it after the mask but the heat that is generated by the eyelash curler doesn’t harm at all.

My experience

What I have noticed when using this curler is that it always gives eyelashes a certain degree of curvature. Thus, it’s ideal for girls with straight lashes.

Where to buy and price?

Well, you have several places to buy it as shown here in Eylure’s stock list. They include online shopping places like Amazon (at the time of  writing this UK Amazon has it but not US), Asos, Walgreens. Urban Outfitters, Meijer, etc. I bought mine from Asos for ~$17 including free shipping (usually for purchases above $12).


I think to try is not bad, especially it’s fairly affordable. The use of eyelash curler is quite relative. What will work well for me may not satisfy your needs with it. For me, Eylure heated lash curler was satisfactory for my needs.

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