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How to Apply Foundation?

how to apply foundation

How to apply foundation is vital. For a makeup to succeed, the foundation is indispensable. However, today there are many different products on the market. Hopefully, this article will help you on how to choose the foundation that suits your skin. As well, keep good application technique for a perfect result.

How to choose the foundation?

A base makeup is chosen according to the natural skin tone for a natural effect. The tone does not have to be very dark, not to contrast with the complexion of the neck. For makeup, choose one half shades lighter than your skin for application on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. If you have fair skin, playing with transparency and avoid shades too light so you will not be pale. If you have dark skin, choose a better foundation powder to melt your skin.

testing foundation before applyingHow to choose the texture of the foundation?

Texture-based makeup will be different depending on whether you want to cover imperfections, get a result or contribute velvety naturalness and brightness:

  • Fluid Foundations

They are ideal for a natural makeup since they do not cover much and let lightly unifying tone. There are two different types: i) hydrating fluids – offering a bright satin effect and suitable for all skin types and ii) The matt fluids – which attenuate the imperfections and provide a matte velvety finish to makeup . They are ideal for a sparkling skin tone.

  • Mousse Foundations

Adapt the natural and light makeup. Give the skin a velvety appearance. Cover lightly and texture-based loose powder gel is easy to apply and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones.

  • Compact

They are thicker and cover more. They are perfect to unify the complexion. They offer a sleek and sophisticated velvety finish. They are perfect for those who want to camouflage imperfections or prefer a makeup a little more formal. Compact makeup base cream is somewhat glossy and ideal for dry and combination skin. It provides a velvety finish and a peach skin. As well, perfect for skin that tend to shine.

  • Stick Foundations

They are convenient and easy to apply. These foundations are presented in bar format to apply directly to the face. You can carry in your bag because you can touch up at all times. They are recommended for normal to dry skin, but not suitable for oily skin.

  • Makeup in cream

The makeup in cream is more discreet than the foundation , but covers less. It is easy to use, bringing a touch of natural color and delicate skin. The makeup in cream can also serve as cream of day as it is enriched with moisturizing substances and traffickers.

How to choose the tone?

It is advisable to choose a tone similar to yours as close as possible. To know what color will suit you well, apply a little on hand. The tone that it blends with yours will be right for you.

how to apply foundationHow to apply foundation

  • Skin preparation:

To apply foundation yourself as perfect as possible, your skin has to be flawless. Exfoliate your skin regularly to refine the skin and remove dead cells. This move ensures the product lasts longer and provides greater uniformity. Clean the face with a makeup remover or cleanser to free the pores of the skin before applying the product. Moisturize the skin as it is a must before applying foundation makeup. The anti-dark circles or a green base allow camouflage imperfections before applying the foundation on your face.

  • Method for applying foundation :

Heat the foundation in the palm of your hand for easy application. You apply with a damp sponge, so that it is uniform across the face. Don’t apply a layer too thick so that you don’t end up suffocating the skin. Start at the middle of the face (chin, cheeks, and forehead) and gently spread evenly from the inside of the face, from top to bottom. Blend well the product on the roots of the hair , eyebrows, below the ears and on both sides of the nose.

  • Indispensable advice

Always test base makeup before you buy! Apply foundation on perfectly clean skin after application of a cream for a day. Finish by applying powder to set the base makeup , and to facilitate the application of rouge and provide a silky, velvety and matte.

In winter, or when to places with neon lights, is better you probably go for a foundation with a pink hue. In summer, choose sandy beige tone, which will provide light in the rays of the sun. Don’t abuse base makeup if you have imperfections. It’s better to choose a concealer that will give you better results.

I hope these tips will help you get better in how to apply foundation while doing your own makeup.

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  • Simone

    Heat the foundation in the palm of your hand for easy application. You apply with a damp sponge, so that it is uniform across the face. Don’t apply a layer too thick so that you don’t end up suffocating the skin. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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