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How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer?

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Applying nail polish on our fingernails always denotes femininity and elegance, while at the same beautifying the hands of women. But what usually happens is that after a few days of having done manicure, the nail polish starts to flake and makes hands look ugly. What can we do to prevent the nail polish deteriorate so rapidly? Bear in mind, there is no foolproof solution to this problem.

The first thing to do before painting your nails is to wash your hands thoroughly, paying special attention to your nails to remove any dirt or deposits. In this way, we will make the polish adhere better to your nails and have a longer “life”.

To keep nail polish clean longer, apply a transparent glaze to your nails for best results and at the same time to protect your nails. Some nail polish contains pigments that may stain your nails.

One of the reasons that the enamel will flake easily is the failure to apply the right way. Thus, you have to polish them from the root to the tips with vertical movements. Nail polish should be applied only once. Reapply only when necessary but not excessive to avoid lumps.

Once the first layer of glaze is dry, you can apply a second to get the desired color.

It is also necessary that the nail polish is in good condition. In case you see that your nail polish starts to dry, you can add special products such as enamel dilusor. This product will help the nail polish become less viscous i.e. return it to its original viscosity. However, if you do not have an enamel dilusor, you can use this quick trick. Boil water and when it’s boiled turn off the heat and put your nail polish bottle (closed) into the hot water for a bit. This will make your nail polish less viscous.

The last step of your manicure should be the gloss transparent glaze that will bring light to your hands and also protect nail color. Apply a thin layer and let it dry thoroughly. It is important that you devote your time solely for nail polishing and not do any other activities in between. This will help you avoid ruining your nail polish or not achieving good finish.

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