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Kim Kardashian Eyelashes – Real or Fake?

Kim Kardashian eyelashes

Kim Kardashian eyelashes are naturally beautiful and they get a great deal of attention in the press; this is because they are thick, long and stunning. Yes, there are times when she rocks big fake eyelashes; however, there are many times when she does not and it is very obvious that her natural eyelashes are thick and dazzling.

Kim Kardashian eyelashes

The majority of celebrities have thick eyelashes as a result of using products to boost their natural lash.  Celebrities are constantly exposed to the latest beauty products that the average individual would not even be aware of.  A lot of these products are not available in stores but you can find them online.

Kim Kardashian enjoys rocking her false lashes on certain occasions; however, she applies them in such a way that gives them a completely natural look.  Sometime ago, her makeup artist gave People magazine some tips on how to perfectly apply false eyelashes to achieve the Kim Kardashian eyelashes look.  The tips are outlined below:

First, ensure that the eyelashes are applied in a feathering pattern that looks natural.  Start at the innermost part of the eye and put individual eyelashes in areas where you natural lashes are thin.  To apply more easily, angle your head so that it is tilted up while you look down so your lash line can be easily accessed while you look in the mirror.

Allow your eyelashes to completely dry for about 10 minutes before applying mascara; limit the amount of mascara used on the false lashes.

Kim Kardashian has also perfected the art of the smoky eye as she is well aware of the cardinal rules as they apply to makeup; choose only one thing to place emphasis on. As it applies to smoky eyes, the eyes are played up and the lips and cheeks are left fairly simple.

Noted celebrity make-up artist, Christopher Drummond shares his tips below, on how to perfect the Kim Kardashian smoky eye:

Step 1: Apply a beige eye shadow base over the whole eyelid.

Step 2: Use a gold shadow and put it ¾ of the way, leaving a little space at the brow.

Step 3: Apply a grey or blue shadow from the middle of the eye where it creases, to where it meets the lashes. Blend well back and forth. This assists the product in adhering and lasting longer.

Step 4: For some additional sizzle, apply some purple eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid and blend well.

Step 5: Finally, apply black eyeliner to the base of the eyelashes and then use mascara to complete the look.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian eyelashes, are they fake or real?

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