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Rieker Shoes for Women and Men

A Quick History of Rieker Shoes for Women and Men

Rieker shoes for women and men has become a well known brand started as a simple shoe factory in Tuttlingen (Germany) by Mr. Heinrich Rieker and Mr. Carl Seitz in 1845. However, Mr. Seitz parted company in 1901 and his name was removed from the company’s name. Four years later Mr. Rieker passed away and his three sons Karl, Ernst and Heinrich took over the company. The company gradually grew bigger and by 1969 they had to divide it into three parts – each part headed by the three sons aforementioned– in order to operate successfully.

One of the sons, Justus Rieker, took charge of production of ski boots but unfortunately the company got dissolved. Another son, Roland Rieker, moved the production to Donaueschingen and veered towards the production of child and youth shoes. It is now known with a brand name of Ricosta. The third son, Kurt Rieker, based the production of the sporty women and men shoes in Tuttlingen.

In 1975, Kurt Rieker let his son Markus take charge of the company and until today continues with the successful development and implementation of quality footwear manufacturing. In 80s the company expanded to other European countries and to the United States. The first store in the US – Rieker Shoe Corporation – was established in 1986 Orlando, Florida. In 1990 they bought Brevitt Ltd., a then already established and reputable company in Great Britain. Brevitt-Rieker Ltd. was formed as a result. While in 1995, Rieker Shoe Canada Ltd. was opened in Brampton, Ontario.

The opening of these stores has made it a breeze for the company to offer better service and product development for special markets. So far, all the stores in 53 countries across the world have over five thousand personnel and serve thousands different types of rieker shoes for women.

What Makes Rieker Shoes for Women and Men so Special

Rieker shoes for women are manufactured to have the best flexibility since women’s feet are generally delicate. It is a known fact that today’ working women need shoes that will offer their heels comfort for the whole day. This type of brand shoes is known to be light weight-wise as well as maintain their quality even after months of using them frequently.

These shoes have with time also known to some as Rieker antistress shoes since it has been confirmed that once you wear them you are guaranteed to feel stress free and they will provide your feet with the best comfort.

Rieker shoes for women have created a sense of uniqueness and vast designs. As we all know modern ladies go with the current trend in fashion and it is what attracts most of the ladies while shopping with just a glance. With that in mind, as new designers got involved with the Rieker brand, novel innovations started taking in shape and the outcome of it was emergence of new styles and designs to the market which, luckily for the company, were widely received by the people and for this reason it boosted the expansion of their business.

Theattractiveelementregardingthese shoesis that theyare usuallywornin any type ofweather conditions. Onedoesn’t haveto worry aboutherbecomingcoldorverysweatyin theperiodsofwintersorsummers, respectively. The type ofmaterialsfor theseshoespossesses aspecialsweatabsorptionpropensitywhich assists these shoestosoak upthesweatandaid inperspiration. It is vitalfor theepidermistobreathethusthese footwearassist thefeetto dopreciselythat. Apart fromvastoptionsofshoesone canchoose, there are alsoa number oflocationsin which youwould definitelygetthese shoeshoweveracarefulinvestigationis important. One canalsopurchasethese shoesvia theinternetsince there area range ofonline storesalso thatofferdiscountsas well as otherdealsand offers.

So ladies, if you want a stress free shoe, Rieker shoes for women will definitely not disappoint you!

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