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Stores Like Forever 21 – A Comprehensive List

Please click here to see the list otherwise continue reading to learn more about why people search for alternatives to Forever 21.

Why Do People Look for Stores Similar to Forever 21?

Are you on a tight budget but still want to look fashionable? Perhaps you are wondering on what store to shop. Shopping gurus always have one answer to your question and that is to shop in shops like Forever 21. Here are the reasons why:

Affordable Trendy Fashion

They sell fashionable and trendy items at the greatest value. Most people prefer to shop in trendy stores similar to Forever 21 especially young people. This is because they have variety of fashionable items to choose from which can be bought at amazing prices.

Such stores have been the saving grace of young people who need to be in reasonable budget. And with the fluctuating economy most country are experiencing right now, they are the favorite shopping places of shoppers who are on a tight budget but who still want to keep up with the latest trend. What they find amazing about them is that they have a display of a variety of trendy items from men’s and women’s wear, beauty products to accessories which are more often than not half the price of signature items of the same style. These items are always changed depending on what is “in” for the season.

It is not only the young people who frequent thrift affordable stores such as Forever 21 but young professional as well who want to look executive but cannot afford expensive signature items. As well, Forever 21 and similar stores makes them look executive in a fashionable way. Unlike stores which sell signature items that mostly keep stocks of classic executive attire. Making it difficult for young professionals to be satisfied with since the style gives them an “older” appearance. Nobody wants to look than her age that’s why young professionals stick to stores as cheap as Forever 21.

Shopping Made Easy

For the last century, lots of stores have already sprouted like mushrooms either in big or small cities. There are a variety of stores to choose from but still lots of people choose to shop in a store like Forever 21. since it’s easy. Most of such stores have each room or section merchandised to cater to a certain type of girl; tribal and/or boho girl, a laid-back/sporty girl, a club wear girl, an edgy girl, and a preppy/ scholastic girl. The rest of the “girls” are compiled of whatever trends are popular or in season.

Shoppers find this kind of arrangement convenient on their parts because they don’t have to waste their time rummaging in a huge box or rack anymore to look for the item that suit their taste and style. For instance, once you step in the Forever 21 store, you know already on what part of the store you must head to, thus; saving you time, money and effort. Take note; M-O-N-E-Y. It saves you money because you will not experience buying dress or shoes anymore that will only end at the back of your closet when you figure out it is not the right one for you.

There are also mirrors near the jewelry/shoes where you are more than welcome to try pieces on without being bothered. Shoppers also find this convenient since they will not go through the hassle of falling in line in a fitting room with a saleslady who is forever gawking at you as if you will run away with the dress you are trying to fit. But what customers find most appealing about stores like F21 is that they have return policy. The policy only applies for those items purchased online, though. However, getting the wrong size of dress or shoes seldom happens. According to several customers, there are a number of sales clerks to assist you and give some honest advice on what is the best fit for you.

Guilt-free Shopping Experience

Another amazing fact is that shoppers find most of these stores participate in promotion of products that help lots of charitable organizations. Every time a customer buys such products, a portion of its profits go to these charitable organizations. They include FEED Project’s, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS),  The American Red Cross, Susan G Komen for the Cure, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Japan Disaster Relief, and etc.Some people hesitate to shop nowadays because they can’t stand the thought of other people being homeless and hungry while they are there wasting their money with things of no importance. However, Stores like F21 makes the shoppers think the other way around. The more the shoppers shop, the more people they can help.

Forever 21 and most of other similar stores are also committed in reducing its environmental footprint throughout its global operations. They transport products via air and sea to avoid carbon emission and the lights used in their stores are environment-friendly too. They also encourage shoppers to recycle shopping bags so as not to contribute to the growing garbage in cities. Due to this fact, shoppers end up loving such store more and more as they are being freed from the burden of guilty-shopping. Shopping experience for them becomes more fun with the thought that they help with every purchase of an item. Moreover, the environmental-friendly shoppers get to enjoy shopping more in such trendy stores.

Places like Forever 21 are everybody’s choice. Malls around the world are putting stacks by stacks of Forever 21 like products because they usually sell the most and frequented by many customers. These mall owners attest that while some brands keep on disappearing one by one, Forever 21 products and cheap products coming from similar stores continue to flourish. When asked what the reason behind the big patronage of customers, their answers are the same things mentioned above—–rock bottom prizes, trendy items, and variety to choose from. They also further said that customers these days with all the economic difficulties they are experiencing would opt for cheap but functional clothing.

Below is a list of online shops like Forever 21:

stores like forever21





Arden B

Body Central

Charlotte Russe

stores like forever 21


Girl Props

Go Jane – Apparel only


Heavenly Couture

Karma Loop

Love Culture

stores like forever 21






Pink Ice

Punky Pins  – Accessories only (UK based)


Smart Bargains


Wet Seal

Yes Style

Please email us if you know more stores like Forever 21 that are not listed here.

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