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How to Get Clear Skin for your Face or How to Get Rid of Acne

How to get clear skin or how to get rid of acne is a problem that many individuals struggle with. If you’re one of them then I’m sure you’ve experimented with most of the well-known products. However, today I will guide you in tips on how to get clear skin for your face without spending a fortune of your precious savings. In fact, you may not need to spend any money at all on your quest on how to get clear skin.

Tips you can add to your knowledge on how to get clear skin

The benefits of drinking water

Make sure you drink plenty of clean water. It’s a fact that many people having acne challenges keep drinking a lot of pop or soda (depending on what you prefer to call it). Pop/Soda contain a great deal of colors, acid, preservatives, etc. These types of drinks can definitely spoil the facial skin. Keep away from all these drinks or other similar types available in the market and adhere to primarily clean water. Some of the clean water in the market includes Dasani, Volvic, Poland Springs, Penta (expensive), Smart Water, and many others depending on your preference and budget. Alternatively, you can invest in a purifier and install at home and fill in bottles for you outside your home. This way, one can save money instead of buying the clean and purified water. Remember; don’t underestimate the power of water as it really does amazing things to the body…as they say “water is life”. So, don’t wonder on how to get a clear skin and start drinking plenty of pure water!

Is green tea good for you?

One time a friend of mine from Indonesia told me that green tea is very good health-wise. I asked him, how is green good for you? She said one the benefits is being good for skin and recommended to drink plenty of green tea for about 1 to 2 times per day. Basically, green tea provides a lot of antioxidants that will assist you in minimizing your acne problems. Celestial Seasonings green tea is the one highly recommended based on consumer reviews found in the web and thus a good tip on how to get clear skin.

Foods that are good for your skin

Consume a lot of fruit and vegetables daily. Despite the fact that this is being preached every now and then from difference sources, many still ignore this advise. A large number of fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamins which help in general healing as well as giving you a clear skin.

Get rid of all foods that are fried or greasy meals from your diet. Although most dermatologists may differ on this advice, studies have shown that some people who discontinued consuming fried or greasy meals had their faces starting to clear up and bettering enough where others could observe the difference without being told before hand on the change. It’s noteworthy that fried meals bear excessive grease that induces significant pimples to build on your face. Additionally a lot of fast food joints utilize aged grease repeatedly. Aged or recycled grease is certainly one huge hindrance as part of your approach in getting a clear skin for you face. It’s a poison for you!

Vitamin E for skin

Apply pure vitamin E oil on your face; recommended is Nature’s Gate Brand which based on reviews should help make your looks great within 2-3 months. Usually you are advised to apply to your face each night before going to sleep. Like the fruits and vegetables, Vitamin E oil has similar healing and antioxidant attributes to assist in giving you a clear skin.

Stress and skin

Make sure you do away with all kinds of stress. Some of you know might already be aware of the fact that stress may result in most breakouts on the face. This is due to the fact that stress hormones go up when one is stressed which in turn throws of your body equilibrium. Make sure you monitor breakouts on your face and stress. If you find out that stress does affect you then you must look at measure on how to deal with stress. Stress not only affects one’s skin but the overall body of an individual from putting on weight to hear problems and even psychological difficulties. Therefore don’t overlook the power of being stress-free!


Try the steps above and allow yourself three to six months to ascertain precise improvements in your skin and how to get clear skin. Remember that for these steps to work properly one need to practice them daily in day-to-day routines. Lastly, it is recommended to seek advice from your dermatologist should you have any concerns or need more tips on how to get clear skin for your face and body.

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