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Thick hair is prone to dryness and breakage and can make life very stressful for one person. The texture of hair whether silky soft or coarse depends on the size and shape of the hair follicle. Genetics determines the size and shape of the hair follicles and is passed down through the genes. Those of […] Read More

Splits ends is when the hair becomes forked in the event the protective cuticle is damaged and thus makes the inside of bright hair, which weakens it. The fork is usually a length of two to three centimeters. Its tip like a pen and its color is lighter compared to the rest of the hair. […] Read More

Pale, medium or hot pink dress is ideal as; bridesmaid outfit, dress for a prom or even for attending an evening casual rendezvous or date.  Pink is among the popular wedding colors for brides around the globe. It's particularly preferred as bridesmaid gowns as well as bouquets. Most of the most beautiful bridesmaid gowns are […] Read More

A new hair color transforms our appearance in a surprising way; it is for this reason that many women are easily tempted to go dye their hair due to availability of the wide range of chemical dyes offered by the market. However, many researches have highlighted the risk of allergic reactions caused by the strong […] Read More

pink hair dye for dark hair

Pink hair dye for dark hair does exist at the same time it doesn’t. It all depends on individual’s hair; those which can soak the color pigment well and vice versa. One common product for that can be used as pink hair dye for dark hair is L’oreal Colour Rays of color shade Fuchsia Flash. […] Read More