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Natural hair dye is usually obtained from plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. It's generally utilized in a form of 100% pure extract which don't have chemicals in them such as ammonia, resorcinol (dihydroxy benzene) and p-phenylenediamine (PPD) added in commercial hair dye colors. They are non-toxic and do not constitute an environmental or health risk. […] Read More

Wedding Hairstyle for Black Women

Wedding hairstyles for black women is arguably one of the most intense topics in an African American woman's life. If you know one thing about African American women  then you know that they do not play around when it comes to our hair! So with that being said you can understand why wedding hairstyles for […] Read More

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Alright so you’re probably reading this article because you are either contemplating cutting your long tresses or you have already joined the short hair club and you’re looking for some creative new hairdo’s. Either way finding short hairstyles for black women can be extremely daunting as the options can prove to be endless.  Allow me […] Read More

People are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery and various skin improvement therapies such as laser treatments and also spending big money on skin care products, all to slow the aging process, look good in an image conscious world and to simply maintain skin health and beauty. However, it may be possible to achieve the same […] Read More

Please click here to see the list otherwise continue reading to learn more about why people search for alternatives to Forever 21. Why Do People Look for Stores Similar to Forever 21? Are you on a tight budget but still want to look fashionable? Perhaps you are wondering on what store to shop. Shopping gurus […] Read More