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Kim Kardashian eyelashes

Kim Kardashian eyelashes are naturally beautiful and they get a great deal of attention in the press; this is because they are thick, long and stunning. Yes, there are times when she rocks big fake eyelashes; however, there are many times when she does not and it is very obvious that her natural eyelashes are […] Read More

Black maxi dress has emerged as a must-have item in the clothing collection of most ladies. Its global recognition is related to the universalism associated with it. In general, Maxi apparels are casual, as well as their sheath dresses are able to reach the ankle or the floor in length. They normally are tight on […] Read More

I love Loreal hair dye. Whenever you discover that very first grey hair, you begin contemplating several possibilities of coloring the hair that allows you to hide the graying through the most natural not to mention efficient approach. Usually coloring your hair can sometimes be a frequent job; particularly in case one has lots of […] Read More

Recently, Kool Aid has proved to be a great deal more than just a delicious drink; it doubles as a vibrant short-term hair dye. The intensity of the dye will depend on your original hair color, the number of packs you use and the flavor you select. Whether you opt for strawberry locks or an […] Read More

In case you intend to dye your hair but ending up being skeptical about using the chemical-based commercial hair dyes, then you should definitely consider using Kool aid as hair dye. The Kool aid mix powder is manufactured in many flavors thus one can easily opt for a color of their liking easily. This type […] Read More